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What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small data files that your browser places on your computer or device when you visit websites. Cookies are therefore unique to your browser. Cookies help your browser navigate a website, although the cookies cannot collect any information stored on your computer or device or in your files.

Why do we use them?

We use cookies for many reasons, such as:

  • to learn more about the way you interact with the website’s content
  • help us improve your experience when visiting our websites;
  • to remember your preferences, such as a language or a region, so there is no need to customize the website on each visit;
  • to identify errors and resolve them;
  • to analyze how well our websites are performing

The key reason for using cookies, however, is to make visits to our website more convenient, more efficient and user-friendly for you.

Types of Cookie

Most of the cookies we use are session cookies. Session cookies are stored only for as long as you stay on a site. When you leave, the cookie is removed from your computer. This type of cookie is usually placed as soon as you arrive on the site and is used to identify you uniquely as you navigate so that we can ensure that any choices you make are correctly applied to you. A session cookie is randomly generated and looks like this: A91E999014ECDFDDBB533E9550D2F9D9

Persistent cookies are placed on your computer and stay there when you leave a site. We use them to remember, for example, your login details for the site if you click ‘Remember me', or any personalization settings you make such as My Profile, or My Account. You can delete or disable this type of cookie at any time by adjusting the privacy settings on your browser.

First-party cookies are those placed on your computer or device by your browser when you visit a website. This type of cookie is set by the site and used for security services such as login and shopping carts, and additional functional services such as personal settings.

Third-party cookies are those placed by other websites or organizations when you visit a site. For example, if you visit website A, organizations B and C who provide services for website A and its users may place a cookie on your computer. This type of cookie is most commonly used for tracking and analysis - for example, to provide data back to the operator of website A about which pages are visited most frequently.  We may also use a third-party service to facilitate delivery of video to your browser; to support you in making comments or participating in discussions; or to help us make recommendations to you as you browse one of our sites. As you navigate the website you may receive third-party cookies.

Analytics cookies are set by companies who give us specialized tracking data so that we can improve the way our websites work, and count the number of visitors or gauge the popularity of a particular feature. These cookies do not collect personal information; they allocate a number to identify each individual user and the user's navigation route through the site is recorded against that number. These analytics cookies expire at the end of any session.

Some social networking and sharing sites may place cookies or web beacons on our sites to collect certain anonymous information when you visit our site. These companies may use non-personally identifiable information during your visits to our sites to provide advertisements about goods and services likely to be of interest to you.

We use Google technologies to serve advertisements and to track and report on advertising response rates. No personal information is collected or reported.

We allow additional third-party companies to serve ads and/or collect certain anonymous information (e.g., click stream information, browser type, time and date, subject of advertisements clicked or scrolled over) when you visit our website. These companies may be placing and reading cookies in the cookie file of the browser on your computer or device using web beacons or other technologies to collect information in the course of ads being served on this website. These companies may use such anonymous information during your visits to this and other websites to provide advertisements about goods and services likely to be of greater interest to you. These companies typically use a cookie or third-party web beacon to collect this information.

You may wish to consult the policies of these third-party websites for information regarding their use of cookies as we cannot control their privacy and cookie policies. You may also wish to follow the instructions for opting out provided in the third-party ad servers' privacy and data protection policies. The use of these technologies by these third parties is not covered by our privacy policy. We do not take responsibility for the privacy policies of, and usage of, personal information collected by others including, without limitation, those of any partner or affiliate.

In addition to the cookies listed above, we may also use the following cookies

NameCookie DescriptionCookie ClassificationCookie Behaviour
FacebookThis pixel is used to help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising. We may also use the pixel to create custom audiences, for retargeting website visitors, and conversion pixels for tracking website conversions.Performance, Targeting / AdvertisingPersistent, lasts for 90 days.
VisualIQA dynamic content tool that enables us to personalize your experience.Targeting / AdvertisingPersistent.
3rd Party PixelsSome of our third-party advertising and media agencies will use Remarketing to display adverts that are more relevant to you, based on your past visits to our website.Targeting / AdvertisingVariable.


These pixels are used to help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising. We may also use the pixels to create custom audiences, for retargeting website visitors, and conversion pixels for tracking website conversions.

Cookie NameExample Cookie ValueCookie ClassificationCookie Behaviour
bcookie"v=2&a75698e5-3e81-48a7-8a6c-e452a26fb281"Performance, Targeting / Advertising1 Year
BizoCustomSegmentsrTguE7wlkYL4rmipyWTRjI7wtax7LisvbOnn0ipDa1lxZj3YNcDFcrisTu0dzBWjOFR9bBEGsP4KYSUsBHQipF7tAhyYz6BJoaMisLmtcm3FFnKg8iePerformance, Targeting / Advertising6 Months
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, Targeting / Advertising6 Months
BizoID90c23504-426b-4f35-ace2-4ab9c6714f36Performance, Targeting / Advertising6 Months
BizoUserMatchHistory638cu1kb8TL3WSGVEEUr9pQncSvRMpZFxrfmznGW94mSisrrVooRpUAiiAg9ypNVQvxe55AippGpb0ipvZ1ZNxvsomBHp6Nm6gnKA24AjJLn2LwRqDDXyhI4YM4TXICqisS5LsYnknSQBASWLSBKxEn3IsUipWkipJrFax9Performance, Targeting / Advertising6 Months
JSESSIONIDajax:1263208079280478336Performance, Targeting / AdvertisingSession
langv=2&lang=en-usPerformance, Targeting / AdvertisingSession
lidc"b=VGST01:g=544:u=1:i=1507902736:t=1507989136:s=AQG1MBkAkEly-6qY3hSyGhT8Zj7IRG2W"Performance, Targeting / Advertising1 Day
_bizo_bzid90c23504-426b-4f35-ace2-4ab9c6714f36Performance, Targeting / Advertising1 Day
_bizo_cksmB1ED276681760CD7Performance, Targeting / Advertising1 Day
_bizo_np_stats155%3D678%2CPerformance, Targeting / Advertising1 Day


Used to facilitate streaming video from our site to you and ensure the highest quality experience for your device.

Cookie NameExample Cookie ValueCookie ClassificationCookie Behaviour
__utmb161569646.12.8.1507907654714Performance, Functionality1 Day
__utmc161569646Performance, FunctionalitySession
__utmt1Performance, Functionality1 Day, Functionality2 Months

Live Agent

Provides a real-time online chat experience which connects you to one of our live representatives who will answer your questions about our programs.

Cookie NameExample Cookie ValueCookie ClassificationCookie Behaviour
_gaGA1.2.1790719607.1503673679Performance, Functionality1 Year
BrowserIdJcm7Z_96RPmmOV03ZiU9twPerformance, Functionality1 Week
instAPP_0ePerformance, FunctionalitySession
liveagent_oref Performance, FunctionalityPermanent
liveagent_ptidab90351c-5d06-4c9e-8ebd-f979ff38f5d2Performance, FunctionalityPermanent
liveagent_sid298186e9-340f-4bb9-a0e1-0b3b5ba98f15Performance, FunctionalitySession
liveagent_vc3Performance, FunctionalityPermanent


A management application that we use to facilitate placement of our advertising, performance, and functionality pixels throughout the site.

Cookie NameExample Cookie ValueCookie ClassificationCookie Behaviour
_gat_tealium_01Performance, Functionality, Targeting / Advertising1 Day
__utma47706554.1304126820.1501596521.1501597172.1501597537.2Performance, Functionality, Targeting / Advertising2 Years
__utmz47706554.1501597537.2.2.utmcsr=Direct|utmccn=CourseInformationMBA|utmcmd=Tier3Performance, Functionality, Targeting / Advertising3 Months


Assists the marketing and delivery of our online advertising using non-personally identifiable information.

Cookie NameExample Cookie ValueCookie ClassificationCookie Behaviour
anjdTM7k!M4.wd<-p'ghqdmU(3$!t#]WM!k'Tzh2^/#I]//g3RiV_W::e5oLAa3J>IIi`^]`=fVk'aIhYgugs'!x]#p'+$t+'LMO*>ke$bN*eUR:V?5Vdp9#=3>T@hkT+PE@1oZI/T@T!wm#>@>Zw@=#GQ4uVNN3FJH!!wzwbe<%7]-:s!j-eobly:8n[yyw'#r9s1okw^as%[7a4oc(g9ve5Targeting / Advertising3 Months
sess1Targeting / Advertising1 Day
uuid23579435917621600000Targeting / Advertising3 Months


A content testing tool which enables us to determine which content serves you best.

Cookie NameExample Cookie ValueCookie ClassificationCookie Behaviour
__cid975486d6-7458-470d-ac12-f9844642ce8aPerformance, FunctionalityPermeant
_biz_ABTestA%5B-153152460%5DPerformance, Functionality1 Year
_biz_flagsA%7B%22Version%22%3A1%2C%22XDomain%22%3A%221%22%7DPerformance, Functionality1 Year
_biz_nA3Performance, Functionality1 Year
_biz_pendingA%5B%5DPerformance, Functionality1 Year
_biz_uidd2ffb534b31d4e23b935c19c7ffcdaa4Performance, Functionality1 Year, Functionality2 Years
_hp2_props.411455962%7B%22isDesktopApp%22%3A%22false%22%7DPerformance, Functionality2 Years
_mkto_trkid:361-GER-922&, Functionality2 Years
bf_leadgtsr9r2tl4000Performance, Functionality1 Year, FunctionalitySession
optimizelyEndUserIdoeu1505773457212r0.34848383467255781Performance, FunctionalityPermeant
optlyAccountID2956019681Performance, FunctionalityPermeant
optlyNameYour NamePerformance, FunctionalityPermeant

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics cookies to hold information about your visit to our site. This helps us better identify the use and popularity of our services and how successfully the website is functioning. The types of Google Analytics pixels we use are:

NameDescriptionCookie ClassificationCookie Behaviour
_utma Google AnalyticsUsed by Google Analytics to track user count of visits to a site, when a first visit was, and a last visit.PerformancePersistent cookie, lasts for 2 years
_utmb Google AnalyticsUsed by Google Analytics to track exactly when a user visits a site.PerformancePersistent cookie, lasts for 30 minutes
_utmc Google AnalyticsUsed by Google Analytics to track exactly when a user leaves a site.PerformanceSession cookie - disappears when the user closes the browser
_utmz Google AnalyticsUsed by Google Analytics to track how a user got to this site (where from), what link was used, what part of the world.PerformancePersistent, lasts for 6 months
Google RemarketingWe use Remarketing to advertise online and make ads more relevant (''Remarketing''). Remarketing cookies will be used by third parties (including Google) to show our ads on websites other than our own.
Both us and third parties (including Google) will also use Remarketing cookies – both first party (such as Google Analytics) and third party (such as DoubleClick) – to serve more relevant ads to users based on such users' past visits to our website, whether those users are on our Website or on other websites.
Targeting / AdvertisingPersistent, lasts for 30 days

Google Advertising

We use Google Advertising Features to target advertising to users on our website, specifically the AdWords conversion pixel. See below for more information:

NameDescriptionCookie ClassificationCookie Behaviour
Google AdWords Conversion PixelUsed to help measure how clicks on your ads lead to meaningful actions such as conversions.PerformancePersistent, lasts for 30 days

You can opt out of both Google Ads and Analytics by installing the same Google Analytics opt-out add-on for your browser (, by visiting Google's Ads Settings or by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt out page

Example Cookie Disclaimers:

The cookie names, indicated behaviours, and values set by any service as described above are typical examples of the cookies used by that service. The actual number, names, behaviours, and values will be different on your system.

How do I reject and delete cookies?

The privacy settings in your browser will enable you to customize your cookie settings, including deletion and disabling them. Typically, you will find the controls under the browser's ‘Options' or ‘Preferences' menu. The exact level of customization will depend on your browser; refer to your browser's help facility or to websites operated within your country of residence.

Changing your cookie settings, including deletion and disabling them, may mean that the functionality of the site and your ability to use some of its features is affected.  You will still be able visit our websites but you may not be able to access all the content on our websites and some of the functions may not operate correctly.

You can also visit  for details on how to delete or reject cookies and for further information on cookies generally. For information on the use of cookies in mobile phone and other device browsers and for details on how to reject or delete such cookies, please refer to your device user manual.